Talk at Roads, River and Trails, Milford, Ohio – October 21

I had the pleasure of giving a talk on my Triple Crown at a great outfitter in Milford, Ohio called Roads, Rivers, and Trails. The people at RRT were wonderful hosts. In conjunction with my talk they had a beer tasting by 50 West Brewery. This certainly loosened up me and the crowd. The evening was attended by well over
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Bob Marshall Wilderness

Kipper and I came out of Lincoln with 7 days of food and excited to finally make it into the Bob Marshall Wilderness. We had 179 miles to hike to get to East Glacier. This stretch is incredibly remote with only one forest service road that passes through. The first day out of town took us over Lewis and Clark
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2 New Picture Galleries, Bob Marshall Wilderness into Glacier Natl Park

Two new picture galleries are in the right column that cover Bob Marshall Wilderness into Glacier National Park. Like this:Like Loading…


Catching up the Blog and 2 new picture Galleries

I a m working hard to get pictures posted and my journal entries turned into posts. I have well over 8000 pictures to sort. I just added 2 new photo galleries from Aug 17 through Sept 14 in the right column. I’ve got a lot of writing to catch up and plan to have more in the coming week. Spork
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At the border!

Received a short broken call from Spork this evening. He and Kipper hit the border. He said Glacier was the toughest stretch of the trail and the best. Their final day included 8 rainbows and a tunnel walk. At this point they have no idea how to get back down off the border to some sort of civilization. A 25
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photo 1

Final Leg – 5 day dash for the border

5 days left. Kipper and I came into East Glacier after a 7 days stretch in the Bob Marshall Wilderness. We were depleted physically, emotionally and mentally. The Bob is spectacular, a true wilderness. We entered Glacier on the 7th morning. We felt renewed. The realization that everything we have worked and bled for is coming near. The excitement of
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Anaconda to Lincoln

Leaving Uncle Buck’s, Kipper and I were rested and in high spirits. It was tough not to be. The weather was beautiful and the forest was dense. The trail was smooth and wound through younger growth pine forests. We were crushing miles. The day before we made it into Helena, Kipper and I got separated. Neither of us had any
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Lincoln, Mt

Talked to Spork this afternoon. He and Kipper had just made it into Lincoln, MT. The last week really sounds like a rough patch. They’ve endured, rain, 1 1/2’ of snow, high elevations, 42 miles without water, sub freezing temperatures, and a nighttime Grizzly encounter. He promises to get a blog post off and some pictures out before leaving Lincoln.
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photo 10

Into Montana

Tonight I’m camping out back of Uncle Buck’s Bar and Restaurant by the horseshoe pits. Statements like this seem to accompany things like, “last night we found a nice flat ditch by the side of the road to pitch our tents.” Before I explain let’s go back to Lima. Out of Lima the weather scare was in full effect. We
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Lima, Mt – 8/24

I am currently in Lima, MT. Let me start with the last 4 days and then I’ll work back. While only part of the journey, the last four days have been quite a challenge. I’ll remember these days as the Hell Roaring Four… We came out of Mack’s Inn, Idaho with a good head of steam. There was a steep
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2 New Picture Galleries

I finally received a couple of SD cards with picture from two sections in the mail. The July into Aug folder is hiking through the Great Basin headed into Yellowstone. The second is of Yellowstone park. These are from his digital camera. He said he has a ton more pictures on these sections on his iPhone. The iPhone pictures usually
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CDT into Yellowstone

I received another call from Spork Monday afternoon before they left Dubois. He picked up his resupply package at the Post Office. They purchased supplies for the next two weeks and put together drop boxes to forward up the trail. They got all of their Yellowstone back country camping permits. Look like they are ready to head into Yellowstone. They
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Dubois, WY – 8/11

I received a short call from Spork Sunday afternoon. He got enough altitude to get some brief cell service. He continues to be impressed with the Wind River Range. He said every turn was a postcard. They are coming out of the north end of the range and are moving into the Yellowstone area. He and Kipper have started to
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Spork into the Wind River Range

As on the PCT you don’t ever seem to be out of the desert. The CDT is no exception. The Great Basin was about as desert as it gets. This stretch covered about a hundred miles and it was wide open. There was nothing as far as the eye could see. At times you could see distant mountains but they
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Into to Wyoming and the Great Basin on the CDT

After Steamboat the mountains mellowed a bit. There were still a couple of snow crossings but overall the ground was covered in wildflowers. The mountainsides looked like colorful paintings. The floral smell brightens your senses and lifts your spirits. As the mountains faded the boggy meadows were upon us. The humidity started rising. I have been sweating more lately than
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Photo Jul 13, 9 20 01 AM_01

Steamboat Springs, Co – New Gallery Added

I’ve added a new photo gallery in the right margin with pictures from July 4th through the 15th. Spork took a down day in Steamboat Spring, Colorado and was able to get good WiFi connection. He downloaded everything left his iPhone which amounted to over 900 pictures and 30 or so videos. Steamboat represented several milestones in the trip. It
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photo 4

Spork takes a down day in Grand Lake, Colorado,

The CDT takes time to wrap it’s arms around you. It is tough love and she is fickle. Reminiscing about any trail experience makes it sound like it was the most incredible thing you have ever done. In the moment there is a constant flow of emotions that runs the full spectrum. The CDT has completely forced me to stay
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Call from the Mountain 7/9/14

I received a call from Spork last evening. He was hunkered down waiting out a thunderstorm on the east face of the mountains at over 10,000 feet and was able to get cell service from Denver. While he was on the phone, the weather changed from rain, to hail, to snow, and back to sunshine in 30 minutes. He’s been
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Photo Jun 12, 6 12 44 AM_01

New Picture Gallery and a Video

Spork was able to get an iPhone download done in the last town. These are the balance of pictures he had on his iPhone and a few videos. He was running out of room on his iPhone. I’m not why he’s not sent these yet as they are some of the set pictures he’s sent. There is also a few
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photo 2

Leadville, Colorado July 1, 2014

The stretch after Salida was filled with snow and long steep passes. We went from 9,000 feet where it was boggy and hot to 13,000 feet with snow and wind. The weather was pretty nice throughout. We did get snowed and hailed on one night but we were already in our tents. The scenery has been beautiful. The aspen trees
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