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Hike Begins May 1

In about 30 hours I will be setting out on the Continental Divide Trail. Kipper and I just spent the entire day tying up last-minute details, grocery shopping for a couple resupply boxes, and getting organized. Chimp and Iris are in Tucson doing the same. Days like this are fun but I would much rather hike than plan. A little bit of procrastination always helps with the last-minute frenzy. I am ready more than ever to get out there and see what’s in store for us. Iris’ sister is driving us down to Columbus, New Mexico tomorrow afternoon. We will camp in town at a park and get a ride 4 or so miles down to the border.

I will dearly miss my friends in Tucson. You are wonderful people and I just want to say thanks for being a part of my life. You are always welcome wherever I am!

As I enter a new part of life I am filled with love and support. I feel so unbelievably fortunate to be able to share this experience with so many people. As most of you know my dad, Chuck Iker, will be manning the helm. He puts so much work into keeping the blog and website going. As well as keeping me going. Supporting a thru hike is a lot of work. This kind of support allows me to “check out” a little bit more. I love ya dad! Thanks for everything!

The blog will be updated as much as possible. I am hiking with a GoPro this year. I have multiple SD cards that I will rotate out. The video and pictures will be posted as often as I can get them into the mail and back to Cincinnati. I am going to rely on my iPhone for a lot of pictures and video as well. I am also carrying a Spot GPS Messenger. This will allow for the ability to track my progress in real-time. Just go to the blog, open the link, and you can zoom in on Google Satellite to see the exact spot I set my tent up the night before. The email address for the new website is sporkventures@gmail.com. I encourage you to send an email. I love hearing from people while I am out there.

It will take a week a so to get the blog populated with current information and pictures. Please pass this site along to anyone interested in either me, my hiking buddies, or hiking in general. I have heard over the years that these hikes and blogs have motivated some people to take a chance on something that they want. I think that it is amazing that so many people have expressed interest and maybe this my way to make a positive impact on the world. I’ll take it!

Join me in my attempt at a thru hike, a Triple Crown, and the wildest Sporkventure yet. To Canada!

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