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No Contact Since Last Sunday

I have not heard from Spork since Sunday evening. On thing is for sure they are on the trail and appear to be putting down around 25 miles per day based upon their GPS pings. Last night they camped in Pierce Canyon alongside the dry Cottonwood Creek. Everything I have heard from other hiker blogs and some Trail Angels is that water supply is very low. Many of the reliable wells and springs in this stretch are dry. They are headed into some elevation over the coming days and hopefully water supply will get better. They’ve been real lucky with temperatures. This week has been in the low 80’s near Deming but warmer in the deserts north of there.
Looking at cell phone coverage maps it may be a while until they are able to get any phone service. Based upon the route they look to be talking they are not headed toward Silver City unless they have a huge left turn in mind. Spork had mentioned Silver City on Sunday in the hopes that he could find a trail outfitter and look at some heavier shoe options. He went with Minimus Trail Shoes and said cactus spikes made their way through the soles too easily for comfort.
I expect to hear something some time this weekend. All that matters at this point is that they are hiking and look like they are doing good miles. So, everything must be OK.

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