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Cuba, New Mexico – 5/31 One Month on the CDT

Received a call from Spork last evening. He was headed into Cuba New Mexico and had really bad phone service. He was obviously committed to talking because he got disconnected 5 times. He opened with he almost forgot how to talk. He said he was separated from Chimp and Iris about 3 ½ days ago and had been hiking by himself since. The trail splits at Mt Taylor and he took the West route and apparently Chimp and Iris took the East. He used a lot of terms like awesome and the best yet to describe this section of trail so he obviously enjoyed himself. He described tall mesas and great scenery but water was a definite issue. He was on the verge of running out several times. He didn’t see another human through the 3 ½ days although he managed to learn the art of crow calling and had a group circling overhead as company. Not sure if that wasn’t dehydration delusions or possibly eating the wrong cactus.

He called again this morning with much better phone service. He said Chimp and Iris made it into Cuba late last evening. Kipper is still about 1 day behind him. Kwai, a hiker Ryan hiked the PCT will be joining the group at Ghost Ranch or Cuba to section hike for the next 2 months. Spork felt they would all catch up and meet at Ghost Ranch as they were planning a down day there. I sent a resupply food box to Ghost Ranch.

When he called last night he was entering Cuba and just noticed a McDonald’s. He said he was too funky to go into a restaurant so he was planning a walk-through in the drive-through for a half-dozen or so cheeseburgers. He wasn’t sure if he’d hike on out of Cuba and camp for the night outside town or possibly find a place in Cuba. Obviously he stayed. He though he would probably hike out of Cuba later today. He should be at Ghost Ranch in 2-3 days.

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