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Deming, NM, Spork

5/5 We made it out of Deming around 11 this morning. Weighed down with 5 liters of water we walked on the side of a two lane highway for a couple of miles. Kipper’s knee and shins were feeling better. Iris’ feet were feeling better too. Time well spent in town. The miles were hot but at least we were hiking again. We made it to some nice forest roads and turned towards the Cookes Range. We stopped at a windmill that was actually working. It was pulling cold and clean water out of a well. This was the first water we have found in the desert. After we left the windmill we hit a grassy patched dirt road and had the mountains to the north. At that point I felt like I was hiking again and really enjoying it. We have a 6 day stretch to Silver City so it’s nothing but hiking and camping until we get there. I felt the freedom and the eagerness for the unknown. We are camped at the base of the range a hundred yards from a cattle pen. Tomorrow we will get up close and personal with the Cookes Range and I can’t wait!

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