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Grants N.M. on Saturday

I received a call from Spork Friday evening. It was afternoon in New Mexico and he as still hiking. They finally got into some cell phone coverage. He said they were about 16 miles from Grants. They would not be into Town until midday on Saturday. Their plan is to take a down day in Grants.

I didn’t get to talk to him very long as his service was in and out. He said everyone was doing well. Standard variety of blisters and joint issues but none inhibiting anyone from keeping up. After they got out of Gila water is again an issue.

I received a SD card in the mail and will get getting some video posted this weekend. Spork promises do a post in Grants assuming cell coverage. These are a few pictures of their hike heading into Gila. The balance will be in the CDT gallery in the top menu bar.
Photo May 21, 5 09 09 PM

Photo May 21, 6 24 12 PM

Photo May 22, 2 27 01 PM

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