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New CDT Picture Gallery Setup

Spork sent a lot of pictures and videos over the weekend. He has taken well over 2000 pictures all at HD resolution. These take a tremendous amount of disk space and would be very slow to load and view. I have narrowed this batch down to right around 450 of the best pictures and resampled them to 800 x 600. If for some reason you’d like a full res copy of any of these I’d be glad to email you one. I am going to start batching these by date in a CDT gallery with slide show capability. These will be located in the right column. This first gallery is from May 1 to 24, from the border to above Gila.
This weekend will be the first full month on the trail and they should have most of New Mexico behind them. I expect them to enter Colorado mid next week. We are going to make a slight equipment adjustment for pictures. I will be sending his digital camera in his next drop box. The Go Pro is just too high-resolution to try to email pictures and video from the trail. He will continue to shoot video but we are going to have to go to mailing SD cards by snail mail. Moving that much data over marginal random connections isn’t working.
This first gallery is pretty much in order. There are a few out-of-place but it should start at the border and end in northern New Mexico. You should be able to access the date taken if you’re interested. You,will also be able to start a slide show and expand to full screen.

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    Thanks for the pictures Chuck!!!!

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