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Call from Spork and New Picture Gallery

I received a Brief call from Spork Thursday evening. They were headed out of Ghost Ranch and moving on toward Chama, NM. We arranged a package for Pagosa Springs, Colorado. They are expecting to get into snow at higher elevations between Ghost Ranch and Chama. He is having an ice axe and warmer clothes sent to Pagosa in anticipation of the San Juans.

Spork reports that this year there are about 100 hikers attempting the CDT. He and the group he is hiking with were about the last to start. The bulk of hikers are 3 – 4 weeks ahead of them or at least started that way. They have caught up to and passed quite a few already. The reports they are getting are that many hikers that were ahead of them have been down for up to three weeks due to heavy snow in the lower Rockies. It appears that their timing was good but they expect to be dealing with higher than average snow pack as they move North. This makes for difficult hiking not only due to the difficulty in hiking in snow but trail blazing as well.

He expects to be able to get some pictures and posts done once he reaches Chama. He reported everyone was doing well. They should be in Colorado early next week.

I added a new picture gallery to the right column covering May 25 to 30. This was the period of time in the two videos in the previous post.

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