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Message from Spork in Colorado 6/9/14

I love the CDT. It’s official. The last week has been incredible. We made it in to Colorado yesterday morning. The trail has changed from deserts and huge mesas to snow spotted MOUNTAINS. Right out of Cuba we went to some 10,000 foot meadows. I saw a herd of 60 or so elk and the hiking was perfect. Dirt single track trail with plenty of delicious mountain agua… Glorious! Before Ghost Ranch we were back in high desert with red and orange mesas. It was pretty darn hot and dry but pretty. When we got to Ghost Ranch we were met by Kwai. He came out to hike a couple of months with us. We hike with him and his wife Kaboose on the Appalachian Trail. I feel honored to have him out here hiking with us. I want to give a shout out to Kaboose and their children Dante and Coral down in Florida! Wish u were out here Kaboose and thanks for lending us your husband for a couple of months!
Out of Ghost Ranch we headed towards Chama, NM which we actually had to hitch back from Colorado to resupply. This stretch was amazing. We questioned our position many times but this stretch gave us a glimpse of the challenge and beauty that was to come. We saw quite a bit of snow that we also mean plenty if water. It’s such a nice change from the desert but with the better water comes wet feet and cold nights. We are entering Colorado at the beginning of monsoon season and hear that it can rain and get nasty at any point of any day. That gets me pumped up! Some of the best days hiking are the worst weather days.
We hear that the stretch to Pagosa Springs is covered in snow and cutting people’s miles in half. I believe the hype when I see it. At this point the plan is to get 25+ days. We will see but we are going into the highest concentration of 14,000 foot peaks in North America with a full head of steam. This will be the wildest hiking I have ever done. This kind of hiking and challenge is what drives me to keep being excited to see what’s around the next bend in the trail. To Pagosa!

Jason, thanks for the donation!! Greatly appreciate the support.

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