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North out of Lake City, Colorado

Haven’t heard a lot from Spork over the past week. I received a couple of brief calls and luckily he was able to get off a few pictures from his iphone. They left Lake City on Saturday after a day off in town and resupply. They continue to run into a lot of snow as the pictures show. He’s referring to this section of trail more as mountaineering than hiking. I believe this was initially a little overwhelming but it sounds like they have settled into the high altitude snow and ice hiking well. He said everyone was healthy despite a couple of cases of digestive issues with some questionable water. Spork had a cold but has finally shaken that.
He’s still throwing around a lot of terms like awesome and a few new terms I think they invented. I’ve discounted the idea that this is the best section of trail he has ever hiked since every section has met that criteria. He said he had a post ready but hasn’t been able to get it off. He’s been on roaming all week and is concerned about phone time.
Hope to hear from him later this week. I am also expecting an SD card in the mail.

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