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Post and Pictures from Spork 6/26/14

Out of Pagosa the excitement started instantly. The hiking/mountaineering was slow going. We had 40 to 50 mph sustained winds with what had to be 80 mph gusts that we had to drop to the ground to keep from being blown off the mountains. I typically like crazy wind but 4 days straight is ridiculous! The climbs were steep and the traverses were sketchy. To be honest at this point it is kind of a blur. We came to the knife’s edge on the 3rd day out. It took us 2 hours to travel a mile. I can’t lie, it was frightening at points. The San Juan’s had so much snow so we linked some forest roads together and headed for Lake City. The luxury of making your own route along the divide came in handy. They say that no one has ever hiked the same CDT and I believe it. The elements force you up or down off the “official” trail frequently.
We made it to Lake City eventually beat up and shell shocked. We caught a ride in with Bill. Bill is one of 400 year round residents in Lake City. He invited Kipper, Kwai and I into his house. We had a great time with Bill and his girlfriend Martha. Thank you so much for the hospitality and kindness you shared with us! Lake City is a great town. We met some great people and ate some great food.
Eventually we made it out of town and headed for Salida. This section of the trail gave us a much needed break in the snow. The trail met up with the Colorado Trail through this section. The trail was maintained and marked better than anything we had seen yet. We managed some days around 25 miles. It was an awesome feeling to open it up and pound out some miles. It was good for the mental aspect for sure.
We have seen a good amount of wildlife in the past week. We are up to 4 moose including 2 bull moose. I had never seen a bull moose before. There has also been quite a bit of elk and mule deer. The marmots and pikas are everywhere. We have been snowed on 3 times in 4 days. Go figure, it snows on the first 2 days of summer. The clouds move in every day up here. Sometimes it rains and sometimes it doesn’t but it always looks like it could come down. Kipper and I caught some fish the other day and cooked them over the fire. The freshest trout you can get!
Yesterday we made it to Salida and once again met some wonderful people. Thank you to everyone in Salida for your kindness. A shout out to Bill for sure. It was great meeting you. Come and meet us in Leadville!
All in all life is good! We are healthy and hungry for more of what Colorado has to throw at us. I have no idea what it’s got in store for us but that is part of the adventure. Back to the mountains. Giddy up!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Spork and Kwai, We’re the folks that met you day hiking just north of the Cumbres Pass before you hit the snow, Carter and Mark from Washington state. We’re in Buena Vista now we some other thru hikers and they described traversing the same snowfields yo’ve been through. We day hiked the CDT at Cottonwood Pass and the good news, we hope, is that a local told us the snow has been disappearing at an incredible rate this week. Hoping your route is a bit easier soon.

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