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Leadville, Colorado July 1, 2014

The stretch after Salida was filled with snow and long steep passes. We went from 9,000 feet where it was boggy and hot to 13,000 feet with snow and wind. The weather was pretty nice throughout. We did get snowed and hailed on one night but we were already in our tents. The scenery has been beautiful. The aspen trees add a lighter shade of green to the dark pine needles making for some great contrast with the blue skies and white snow. We had a couple of climbs over 2,000 feet around 2 miles long. They were steep and slow going but fun. When we made it up Lake Ann Pass we had heard the north side was covered in snow and it was. I couldn’t have been happier about it. We had 2 big glissades down the mountain. It was sketchy but so much fun. The view from the top was tough to beat with huge mountains around Lake Ann and a creek winding down the valley.
The next 10 miles wound down along a creek into a small canyon. It was so green and the forest floor was littered with comfy pine needles. Great camp site that night next to the creek. Next was Hope Pass. Another steep climb among the aspens until we hit tree line. We switched back all the way of the face and had a nice smooth decent to Twin Lakes. At Twin Lakes we had some microwaved chicken sandwiches and ice cream at the camp store. From there we did a small road walk to Leadville. Hands down my favorite trail town yet thanks in part to Slider and Stroller. We met them on the AT and they invited us to stay with them. They bought a big bed and breakfast recently and had a bunch of extra rooms that we stayed in. Another hiker we knew, Birch, came down from Frisco to hang out. We had a great party at the house. It was tons of fun. The next day they took all of us to go paddle boarding on the Colorado River in class 1 and 2 rapids. It sounded nuts but we were in. It ended up being one of the funnest and funniest things I have ever done. We had a blast! Thank you so much Slider and Stroller. You guys are going to kill it with the B&B. Anyone who stays with you are lucky folks!
We are headed out to Silverthorne through Summit Country. The biggest and best ski area in the country. So that means snow and big mountains. Keep it coming Colorado!


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