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Spork takes a down day in Grand Lake, Colorado,

The CDT takes time to wrap it’s arms around you. It is tough love and she is fickle. Reminiscing about any trail experience makes it sound like it was the most incredible thing you have ever done. In the moment there is a constant flow of emotions that runs the full spectrum. The CDT has completely forced me to stay in the moment. It throws as many new challenges as there are bends in the trail. It is daunting yet rewarding like nothing I have ever experienced.

With 150 more miles of Colorado left I am filled with mixed emotions. I love the Colorado Rockies but at times I felt lucky to escape with my life. It will be easy to enjoy the rest of Colorado but Wyoming is lurking around the corner. I know nothing of Wyoming. That heightens the excitement ten fold. I thrive on the feeling of the unknown. I get to react and adapt instead of expect. Expectations on the trail, as in life, can end in disappointment or if you are lucky they surpass your wildest dreams. I try my hardest to shoot from the hip. Right now is a turning point for me. I am about half way to Canada and my mind and body are closing in on the sweet spot. It is a lot easier to enjoy when you can hammer out 30 miles and wake up the next day with an appetite that only miles with quench.

The stretch from Frisco to Grand Lake was tough. I went at it alone. It is really nice and refreshing to get out by yourself for a few days. It focuses you and forces you to observe a little more closely. I saw a ton of wildlife in this stretch. Two baby moose wandered into my camp one morning. They were maybe two weeks old and were definitely twins. Mama was nowhere to be found luckily. They stood 15 feet from me staring a blank stare. To be honest it was creepy. A strange likeness to the twins in the hallway of the shining. If I would have heard anything that resembled RED RUM coming from anywhere I would have ran 40 miles up the trail without turning my head once. They were pretty cute though.

The marmots and pikas deliver endless amusement. You can whistle back and forth with a marmot and get really close to them. I think they might be a pretty dumb but jolly animal. I spooked a heard of 50 or so elk after being pushed off the top of a mountain during a storm. I almost got pooped on by an osprey defending it’s nest. I had no idea what I was doing to piss them off until I saw the huge nest at the top of a massive Lodgepole Pine. With the fear that maybe osprey poop contained some sort of burning acid I moved on quickly and watched from a comfortable distance. I’m finally on the board with a bear sighting. It was a good one too. Not the biggest black bear I’ve seen but it was easily 250 to 300 pounds. He was running before I even saw him stop to look at me before he disappeared over the hill. I got a great look at him with his big old snout snorting before he took off.

The trail was surprisingly snowy from Frisco to here. There were 3 or 4 sketchy stretches that were steep and snow covered. Nothing I haven’t seem before but sketchy nonetheless. A couple days ago I climbed to the top of St. James Peak. The valley was completely socked in with fog and I made it to the top before it was roasted off in the sun. It was spectacular to say the least. I peered over the Rockies that were blanketed in a thick fog with the occasional 14,000 foot peak poking out above the pillowy cover. If I hadn’t worked so damn hard to stay alive up to that point I could have died right there a happy man. It was one of the best climbs I have ever done rivaling the summit of the mighty Mount Katahdin.

I sit here in a 10 by 10 shack with a little twin bed out back of the Sunrise Motel in Grand Lake with a copy of Steinbeck’s, Travels with Charlie. What a book! I picked it up yesterday and only put it down to write this post. I am almost finished with it and have never had so much fun reading a book in my life. A must read but beware you may want to quit your job immediately and travel the country looking for understanding and adventure. It struck a chord with me and validated my path in life.

I just want to throw a quick thanks to Kim at the Sunrise Motel for being so sweet and making my stay in Grand Lake unforgettable. Thanks to Birch as well for the hospitality and kindness in Frisco. I wish I could have stayed longer but I will absolutely be back to visit!

I have met so many wonderful people on the trail and the last week has been no exception. To all of you folks that I met along the way, I want you to know how much you affect my hike in such a positive way. You absolutely stay with me and provide joy and motivation to my journey. Thank you and much love!

Well I have been away from my book for too long and must get back to it before I head out into the woods again. Kipper, Kwai, and Sunset will be arriving in town in an hour or so for a quick resupply and then we will power on. From Grand Lake we will head to Steamboat Springs and then 75 miles later we will reach The Wyoming border.

Thank you for the love and support everyone! I’ll try to keep it interesting!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hope things go well for you through RMNP. Keep on keep’n on. Looking forward to your next post. Merle (my wife, Jeannie, and I met you top of Mt Flora on 7/7).

  2. Heather says:

    Sounds brilliant! Enjoy it out there!

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