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Steamboat Springs, Co – New Gallery Added

I’ve added a new photo gallery in the right margin with pictures from July 4th through the 15th. Spork took a down day in Steamboat Spring, Colorado and was able to get good WiFi connection. He downloaded everything left his iPhone which amounted to over 900 pictures and 30 or so videos. Steamboat represented several milestones in the trip. It is roughly half way. Spork got a haircut. That’s a first for mid hike. He’s now business on top, party on the chin. Steamboat is the last real resupply point until Wyoming. The scenery and altitude are changing. This is the stopping off point for Kwai. Kwai joined the group for a section hike and his family came up to Steamboat to meet him and drive back to Florida where he lives. Sunset has caught back up with the group after taking a week off in Colorado.

Spork took some time to review their progress in Steamboat. As with any northbound
long distance hike finishing ahead of winter is a main concern. The CDT ends in Glacier National Park. The busses stop running on September 25th. Making this date will make for a much less complicated way south. As it stand today they will need to average 22 miles per day for the next 2 months to make this date. This is a reasonable pace particularly moving through the great basin heading into Yellowstone. 25 to 30 miles days should not be a stretch. In addition the draw of an occasional 0 day in town is less likely because the towns and resupply point are greatly diminished. We are currently working to refine drop box locations where resupply is sketchy or non-existent. Moving through the great basin will again put them in many areas where water supply will be tight. The convenience of filling your water bottle from a mountain stream will be gone in the next week or two. Planning and intelligent navigation will once again take precedent.

Spork refers to the stop in Steamboat as a start to a new phase in the hike. A package went out this morning with some clothes, food, a couple of extra bucks, SD cards, homemade cookies, batteries for the water purifier, the ever important toilet paper, socks, Wyoming maps, and Yogi’s CDT Handbook.

Photo Jul 06, 9 49 18 AM_01

Photo Jul 13, 9 20 01 AM_01

Photo Jun 30, 9 25 12 AM_01

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