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CDT into Yellowstone

I received another call from Spork Monday afternoon before they left Dubois. He picked up his resupply package at the Post Office. They purchased supplies for the next two weeks and put together drop boxes to forward up the trail. They got all of their Yellowstone back country camping permits. Look like they are ready to head into Yellowstone. They expect to be in the park by Friday.

They also mentioned they dropped $30 on Bear Mace. On a similar note not only have they started to see Grizzly tracks they started picking up Grey Wolf tracks on the trail. They took a picture of some track they say Saturday and showed them to a local. He said it was the biggest wolf track he’d ever seen. Kipper and Spork met back up with a hiker named Professor. They met him early on in New Mexico and Spork hiked with him on the PCT. He will be hiking with the group through Yellowstone and has to get off the trail to go back to work after the park. In addition to enjoying Professor’s company Spork said there has never been a bear attack on a group of 3 or more hikers. There is safety in numbers.

All the bear talk is lighthearted but the coming 200 miles and Glacier has some of the densest population of wildlife in the country. It should be an enjoyable part of the trail. Looking forward to pictures, just hope there are no close-ups.

I could hear the excitement in their voices. It’s hard not to be envious of the adventure.

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  1. Tony says:

    Spork, If you get to read this, my wife and I met you and your fellow hikers at the Sundance Motel in Pinedale on about 09 August. We enjoyed the great and educational conversation with you guys. We made our trip to Shadow Lake and hiked the CDT for about 6 miles in and 6 out. The total hike was about 21 miles, a milestone for us!
    When did you reach Dubois?
    God bless the remainder of your Journey.
    Tony Sanders
    Washington, IN

  2. Heather says:

    Best of luck to you, gentlemen! I hope Yellowstone is marvelous!

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