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Dubois, WY – 8/11

I received a short call from Spork Sunday afternoon. He got enough altitude to get some brief cell service. He continues to be impressed with the Wind River Range. He said every turn was a postcard. They are coming out of the north end of the range and are moving into the Yellowstone area. He and Kipper have started to see Grizzly tracks and have begun hanging their food at night. Not a lot seems to faze these hikers but the idea of Grizzlies seems to have their attention. He’s mentioned Grizzlies almost every time I talked to him over the past few weeks. It’s obviously on their minds, can’t say that I blame him. It’s actually good to hear they are taking the threat seriously and seem to be taking the necessary precautions. He said after seeing the first track they spend most of the afternoon talking loud and making a lot of noise. I am hoping for a SD card of the early Wind River Range here in the next day or two. If the pictures are anything like the last few he was able to upload from his phone they promise to be some of the best of the trip. I’ll get these sorted and posted as soon as possible.
They were about 6 miles out of Dubois, WY where they have resupply packages at the post office. Spork also has new shoes coming there. They plan on getting into town early Monday morning, get their packages, do a little shopping and getting back on the trail as soon as possible. As best I can tell they are about 100 miles from Yellowstone. The trail takes a lot of turn in this section so definitive northern progress is hard to determine.
Spork and Kipper are hiking alone and will be for the next few weeks if not the rest of the trip. The rest of the group decided to take a different route in and around Yellowstone. The trail breaks up into a couple of options in the northwest corner of Wyoming. The section Spork and Kipper have decided to hike is longer by a couple of hundred miles. It’s possible the groups will reconnect coming out of Idaho and into Montana but based upon the mileage difference I can’t see how.
Overall Spork has expressed some concern regarding finish date. As I’ve said before they need to be out of Glacier Nat’l Park by the 28th of September. That date will require 25+ mile days for most of the rest of the hike. I am not seeing this kind of mileage left based upon the information I have. Spork is working maps and has spent a lot of time calculating miles. He feels they still have well over 900 mile left to hike. He’s the expert. The trail must do a LOT of turn and switchbacks through Montana. Whatever the mileage, whatever the topography, whatever the weather, these guys are going to finish. I’ve only had 1 call of “uugghh” this entire trip and that was 1500 miles ago. Their determination is unwavering.
Below is a summary of the trip so far. I get these maps on my iPhone direct from the Spot Adventures site.

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