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Final Leg – 5 day dash for the border

5 days left. Kipper and I came into East Glacier after a 7 days stretch in the Bob Marshall Wilderness. We were depleted physically, emotionally and mentally. The Bob is spectacular, a true wilderness. We entered Glacier on the 7th morning. We felt renewed. The realization that everything we have worked and bled for is coming near. The excitement of being in Glacier was overwhelming. Even putting words down right now is unbelievably difficult. My mind is racing. This trail has the highest highs and the lowest lows. Even the lowest lows are still filled with smiles and laughter. We are reignited with the drive for the border just entering into Glacier. Sorry for the short post but I’ll follow it up with a doozy! Wish us luck! To the border!

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4 Responses to “Final Leg – 5 day dash for the border”

  1. Wava says:

    Yahoonareenie!! Enjoy!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Good luck on the rest of your trip guys! So happy I got to meet you spork!
    – Jackie

  3. Anonymous says:

    Ya–Hoo!!! RUN SPORK, RUN!!!!

  4. casanders54 says:

    Fantastic! May God bless your continued travels!

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