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New Picture Gallery, Rio Grande National Forest into Gunnison

I received a SD card from Ryan on Friday. I have added a new gallery in the right column. Like this:Like Loading…

photo 4

Post and Pictures from Spork 6/26/14

Out of Pagosa the excitement started instantly. The hiking/mountaineering was slow going. We had 40 to 50 mph sustained winds with what had to be 80 mph gusts that we had to drop to the ground to keep from being blown off the mountains. I typically like crazy wind but 4 days straight is ridiculous! The climbs were steep and
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North out of Lake City, Colorado

Haven’t heard a lot from Spork over the past week. I received a couple of brief calls and luckily he was able to get off a few pictures from his iphone. They left Lake City on Saturday after a day off in town and resupply. They continue to run into a lot of snow as the pictures show. He’s referring
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Into the San Juan Mountains, First snow on the CDT 6/15/14

“Sooooo the San Juan Mountains… No joke! We left Chama with chatter of snow and ice. Naturally we didn’t believe it. 10 miles out we were believers. 30 miles in we were out of our minds. The San Juan’s got a late snow this year and is giving all hikers fits. Some have traveled to Wyoming to let the snow
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Message from Spork in Colorado 6/9/14

I love the CDT. It’s official. The last week has been incredible. We made it in to Colorado yesterday morning. The trail has changed from deserts and huge mesas to snow spotted MOUNTAINS. Right out of Cuba we went to some 10,000 foot meadows. I saw a herd of 60 or so elk and the hiking was perfect. Dirt single
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Call from Spork and New Picture Gallery

I received a Brief call from Spork Thursday evening. They were headed out of Ghost Ranch and moving on toward Chama, NM. We arranged a package for Pagosa Springs, Colorado. They are expecting to get into snow at higher elevations between Ghost Ranch and Chama. He is having an ice axe and warmer clothes sent to Pagosa in anticipation of
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Photo May 29, 11 05 11 AM

Quest for Water

While in Cuba Spork was able to get off some pictures and some videos. Over the 3 ½ days he hiked alone he had a couple of rough day getting water. I think these two videos sum it all up. He still holds to the fact that these were the most awesome stretch of desert thus far. I’ll be trying
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Cuba, New Mexico – 5/31 One Month on the CDT

Received a call from Spork last evening. He was headed into Cuba New Mexico and had really bad phone service. He was obviously committed to talking because he got disconnected 5 times. He opened with he almost forgot how to talk. He said he was separated from Chimp and Iris about 3 ½ days ago and had been hiking by
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Photo May 22, 11 14 39 AM (1)

New CDT Picture Gallery Setup

Spork sent a lot of pictures and videos over the weekend. He has taken well over 2000 pictures all at HD resolution. These take a tremendous amount of disk space and would be very slow to load and view. I have narrowed this batch down to right around 450 of the best pictures and resampled them to 800 x 600.
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Word from the Spork, Memorial Day, 2014

I am in Grants, NM. I can’t really say how many miles exactly we have hiked. Mexico to Canada is the goal. Wherever the trail takes us is where we go. The trail takes us through a bit of everything. Last week we were following the Gila River for 4 days. The trail ran back and forth around a hundred
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Video, Antelope on CDT in New Mexico

I received over 1200 pictures and 40 -50 videos from Spork this weekend. We have finally found a good means of getting them back and forth. We are using Dropbox. I continue to go through the files and work to compact them for the blog. Everything he shot was at full HD. The files are just too large to post.
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Into Gila Gorge – Video

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Photo May 13, 8 06 47 PM

Grants N.M. on Saturday

I received a call from Spork Friday evening. It was afternoon in New Mexico and he as still hiking. They finally got into some cell phone coverage. He said they were about 16 miles from Grants. They would not be into Town until midday on Saturday. Their plan is to take a down day in Grants. I didn’t get to
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Into Pietown 5/20

Received a call from Spork last evening. They arrived in Pietown before noon and retrieved their packages at the post office. Pietown puts them right at mile 415. Spork said it was likely they hiked and additional 50+ miles from getting lost and bushwhacking back to what they think is the trail. The trail is still unmarked for the most
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Nothing Since Silver City – 5/16

Looks like they are laying down some decent miles. As best I can calculate from the GPS pings they are averaging 25 miles per day. Right now they are in the Gila National Forest. They are around 100 miles south from the closest paved road. There is a resupply package with food and shoes waiting for Spork at the Pietown
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Gallery Started

I have added a link to the top menu for a CDT Picture Gallery. These are all of the pictures I have received so far from Spork. These go thought 5/11. The gallery will be updated as pictures are received. Chuck Iker Like this:Like Loading…


Deming to Silver City, New Mexico, Spork

The last 4 days have taken us from the hot and windy desert floor to a windy fire tower over 10,000 feet. The beginning of each hike presents a lot of challenge. The climbs have been steep and long. The trail disappears right as you get in your rhythm. It has been frustrating at times but liberating and beautiful since
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Deming, NM, Spork

5/5 We made it out of Deming around 11 this morning. Weighed down with 5 liters of water we walked on the side of a two lane highway for a couple of miles. Kipper’s knee and shins were feeling better. Iris’ feet were feeling better too. Time well spent in town. The miles were hot but at least we were
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No Contact Since Last Sunday

I have not heard from Spork since Sunday evening. On thing is for sure they are on the trail and appear to be putting down around 25 miles per day based upon their GPS pings. Last night they camped in Pierce Canyon alongside the dry Cottonwood Creek. Everything I have heard from other hiker blogs and some Trail Angels is
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