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GPS Locations Update

I have finally been able to get the link in the right column to work correctly. By clicking the picture of the map you will be taken to a map that will show the past 7 days of GPS pings. They start on May 7 and will add additional way marks as Spork enters them. The map below shows his
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Day 2 Video

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Text from Spork

Well it didn’t take long for the CDT to push back on the group. Between the group we have some shin splints, a bum knee, a couple of blisters, and some very swollen feet. We have decided to take a little time off in Deming, New Mexico. This is pretty common early on when you have an aggressive game plan.
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Pictures 5/2

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Deming, New Mexico 5/2

Got a call from Ryan last evening. They were nearing Deming and had reception so he said he thought he’d call in. He’s not expecting much reception in the coming weeks. Sounds like the CDT is having it’s way with them early. They are separated from Chimp and Iris. Looks like they may have taken a different path around a
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GPS Location for 5/1

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Backs against the fence and headed North

Received these pictures first thing this morning. This is at the Mexican border around Columbus, New Mexico. The group picture includes Spork, Kipper, Chimp, Iris, and Sunset. Spork, Chimp and Kipper hiked the AT together in 2011. Chimp and Spork hiked the PCT together in 2012 and met and hiked with Sunset. Iris is Chimps friend and is doing her
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Hike Begins May 1

In about 30 hours I will be setting out on the Continental Divide Trail. Kipper and I just spent the entire day tying up last-minute details, grocery shopping for a couple resupply boxes, and getting organized. Chimp and Iris are in Tucson doing the same. Days like this are fun but I would much rather hike than plan. A little
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New PCT Video

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Spot GPS Messenger

Navigation Update

As with most planning for a big hike decisions are fluid.  After reviewing lots of options I’ve decided to make the trip with the Spot GPS messenger again. I have upgraded to the newer model which boasts 2x battery life and less weight.  Both good things.  Both result in less weight and spare battery carrying.  The CDT is a much
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Continental Divide Trail

The Continental Divide Trail is the newest of the major trails. It spans the length of the US from Canada to Mexico along the Continental Divide. This divide separates the US from East to West. Water draining off the Eastern slopes drain into the Gulf of Mexico and eventually into the Atlantic Ocean. Water draining off the Western slopes travels
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I used a Big Agnes Fly Creek UL1 tent, $329, for the PCT and will use it again on the CDT. It weights 1 lb 14 oz which is super light for a free-standing tent. I absolutely love this tent. It is pretty bomb proof in rough weather, packs down super small and sets up very quickly. On the AT
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Dare I go on a shoe rant… This topic is one area that a definitive answer still eludes me. I have figured out more of what I don’t like than what I do like in hiking footwear. On the AT I wore a pair of clunky Vasque boots, Salomon Mid Top Lightweight Boots, a pair of New Balance Trail Runners,
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Spot GPS Messenger

Spot GPS Messenger – Review

On both the AT hike and the PCT hike I carried a Spot satellite GPS messenger.  There is no question as to the durability and effectiveness of the unit.  It worked flawlessly.  The unit offers two benefits for a long distance hiker.  The first really has nothing to do with the hiker but more to do with friends and family
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