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Bob Marshall Wilderness

Kipper and I came out of Lincoln with 7 days of food and excited to finally make it into the Bob Marshall Wilderness. We had 179 miles to hike to get to East Glacier. This stretch is incredibly remote with only one forest service road that passes through. The first day out of town took us over Lewis and Clark
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Anaconda to Lincoln

Leaving Uncle Buck’s, Kipper and I were rested and in high spirits. It was tough not to be. The weather was beautiful and the forest was dense. The trail was smooth and wound through younger growth pine forests. We were crushing miles. The day before we made it into Helena, Kipper and I got separated. Neither of us had any
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Into Montana

Tonight I’m camping out back of Uncle Buck’s Bar and Restaurant by the horseshoe pits. Statements like this seem to accompany things like, “last night we found a nice flat ditch by the side of the road to pitch our tents.” Before I explain let’s go back to Lima. Out of Lima the weather scare was in full effect. We
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Spork into the Wind River Range

As on the PCT you don’t ever seem to be out of the desert. The CDT is no exception. The Great Basin was about as desert as it gets. This stretch covered about a hundred miles and it was wide open. There was nothing as far as the eye could see. At times you could see distant mountains but they
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Into to Wyoming and the Great Basin on the CDT

After Steamboat the mountains mellowed a bit. There were still a couple of snow crossings but overall the ground was covered in wildflowers. The mountainsides looked like colorful paintings. The floral smell brightens your senses and lifts your spirits. As the mountains faded the boggy meadows were upon us. The humidity started rising. I have been sweating more lately than
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Leadville, Colorado July 1, 2014

The stretch after Salida was filled with snow and long steep passes. We went from 9,000 feet where it was boggy and hot to 13,000 feet with snow and wind. The weather was pretty nice throughout. We did get snowed and hailed on one night but we were already in our tents. The scenery has been beautiful. The aspen trees
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New Picture Gallery, Rio Grande National Forest into Gunnison

I received a SD card from Ryan on Friday. I have added a new gallery in the right column. Like this:Like Loading…

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Post and Pictures from Spork 6/26/14

Out of Pagosa the excitement started instantly. The hiking/mountaineering was slow going. We had 40 to 50 mph sustained winds with what had to be 80 mph gusts that we had to drop to the ground to keep from being blown off the mountains. I typically like crazy wind but 4 days straight is ridiculous! The climbs were steep and
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Into the San Juan Mountains, First snow on the CDT 6/15/14

“Sooooo the San Juan Mountains… No joke! We left Chama with chatter of snow and ice. Naturally we didn’t believe it. 10 miles out we were believers. 30 miles in we were out of our minds. The San Juan’s got a late snow this year and is giving all hikers fits. Some have traveled to Wyoming to let the snow
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Cuba, New Mexico – 5/31 One Month on the CDT

Received a call from Spork last evening. He was headed into Cuba New Mexico and had really bad phone service. He was obviously committed to talking because he got disconnected 5 times. He opened with he almost forgot how to talk. He said he was separated from Chimp and Iris about 3 ½ days ago and had been hiking by
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Into Pietown 5/20

Received a call from Spork last evening. They arrived in Pietown before noon and retrieved their packages at the post office. Pietown puts them right at mile 415. Spork said it was likely they hiked and additional 50+ miles from getting lost and bushwhacking back to what they think is the trail. The trail is still unmarked for the most
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